This is a very simple program which helps visually handicapped people to see the frequency and mode of the rig. Or maybe it's useful for demos, trade shows or similiar. It will work with any Icom except the IC-735.

Installation and Setup

There is no fancy install program, you have to do it yourself. Download the zipped file, unzip into any directory you like, double-click on the hugeicomdisp.exe file to run. If you like then make a link and drag it to your windows desktop.

To use the program you have to have a CI-V level converter (see for an explanation) connected to your rig and your PC. If this converter is working fine, just select the right serial port and the proper baudrate. It is not necessary to select a rig. All these settings (port, baud) will be stored at program termination, so you have to do this only once.

Minimum Requirements

hid1.jpg - 30452 Bytes


When the program is started for the first time, start Setup by double clicking on the upper or lower panel (frequency or mode display). Then select COM-Port and CI-V Baudrate. Close the Setup dialog.

Now turn the dial of the rig. If all is correct, the upper panel should display the frequency. Push some mode button - the lower panel should display the selected mode.

That's about all the program does.

To change the size of the frequency display drag the horizontal divider between the two panels.

hid2.jpg - 29790 Bytes

To change the size of the mode display, change the size of the window.

hid3.jpg - 24584 Bytes


If you don't want the program on your disk anymore, just delete the exe file (hugeidocmdisp.exe). To remove all traces you can manually delete the key


from the registry. But careful, if you have other software from me which uses these settings (e.g. CIV-Test) these programs will be affected.

Help files

You are looking at it, this is all you will get, sorry. If you have any questions or suggestions or even praise, don't hesitate to send an email to the author at ep (at)