CI-V Test is a small programm which allows to enter commands directly (in hex) and send them to the rig. Responses are displayed in hex bytes and also in a decoded text format. All ICOM CI-V commands are recognized, including the new R75 commands. This program is not intended to conveniently control your rig, but to test the various commands and their responses!

Supported COMports
  • COM1
  • COM2
  • COM3
  • COM4
Supported speeds
  • 1200
  • 2400
  • 4800
  • 9600
  • 19200
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Version 1.6 as of 14. Mar. 2002

Version 1.3 as of 24. Dec. 2000 :-)


Download the zipped EXE file for Win95/98 (DOWNLOAD ~187KB) unzip, and put in any directory you like. Select COMport and speed. If you have used other ICOM CI-V related software from DF4OR before, CI-V Test will use the settings last used with that other software. If no other CI-V product from DF4OR is found on your machine, the COMport defaults to COM2, speed to 1200. Selected port and speed are stored in the registry.


To uninstall just delete the CIVTEST.EXE file.


Select COMport and speed. Turn the tuning knob of any connected ICOM rig. You should immediately see the responses from the rig in the lower portion of the window. That is, only if "CI-V transceive" is enabled with that rig! (See CI-V Principles of operation for an explanation of "CI-V transceive" function.

To send commands to the rig, enter a hex adress in the first field or select a predefined adress from the drop down list. Enter command in hex in the second field, subcommand if required in the third and so on. Select the check box above the subcommand and other data fields if these fields should be sent with the command or not. Hit enter or click on the send button. Voilá - the rig should at least respond with "Ok" or "Error". Remember that not every command yields a response other than that.


In case you have set the CI-V baudrate on your radio to "Auto", it can happen that the program does not seem to work initially. That is because the radio does not know what speed (baudrate) to use. To overcome this, two possibilities:

CI-V Test explanation

In case of trouble, malfunction or for enhancements please mail me at ep (at)