7.0 Software for CI-V radios

Here I try to list some software for the ICOM CI-V interface which is available on the web. The list contains freeware, shareware and commercial products, some do support other interfaces and other manufacturers. I am aware that this list is not complete. If you have anything to add, or think your product is not properly presented, just drop me a line.

I did not test all of the these products and am not responsible for any problems you might have with the products. I am in no way connected to any of these products except of course the ones I wrote myself :-)

If you have any additions or corrections to this list please let me know, please send an e-mail, see 'Impressum' (Imprint) for contact details.

List of CI-V capable Software

CI-V Test Ekki, DF4OR www.plicht.de/ekki/software/civt.htm
Freeware CI-V Test for Win98 (others not tested, but should work) is a simple program to display received CI-V messages in Hex and text, and send commands for test purposes to the rig. This program is not intended to convienently control your rig, just explore the functions of CI-V.
Warning: This software is heavily outdated. I leave it here because I get mails from time to time that some people find it useful. I do not have the sources to this simple program anymore and cannot make any changes.
Pro Mem Edit Ekki, DF4OR www.plicht.de/ekki/software/pme.html
Freeware Pro Mem Edit for Win98 (others not tested, but should work) is a small program to read, edit and store the memories of the 756Pro, 756Pro2.
Warning: This software is heavily outdated. I leave it here because I get mails from time to time that some people find it useful. I do not have the sources to this simple program anymore and cannot make any changes.
Pro Key Set Ekki, DF4OR www.plicht.de/ekki/software/pks.html
Freeware Pro Key Set for Win98 (others not tested, but should work) is a small program to read, edit and store the CW keyer memories of the 746, 746Pro, 756Pro, 756Pro2.
Warning: This software is heavily outdated. I leave it here because I get mails from time to time that some people find it useful. I do not have the sources to this simple program anymore and cannot make any changes.
ILGdb Barry, K4MG http://BarryRimmer.com/FreeSoftware
Freeware ILGdb I have written a free program that interfaces most ICOM radios with the ILG radio frequencies database (available for free from the internet) and lets you click a station in the database to tune your radio to the station, or scan the list looking for stations that are on the air. The data can be sorted by clicking on any column, or reverse sorted by reclicking. You can also select by language and if the station is broadcasting now.
FREQ DB Icom Barry, K4MG http://BarryRimmer.com/FreeSoftware
Freeware Freq DB Icom I have written a program that interfaces with a text file of frequencies plus other data and tunes your ICOM radio. You create this data yourself, and can use almost any data you wish. You use the program by clicking a station in the file to tune your radio to the station or net, or scan the list looking for nets that are on the air. You can optionally have a column that contains the time and day of the week a net is on, and the program converts it to the Date/Time On. The columns can be sorted. The program should work with all ICOM radios that use CIV addressing except the 731 and 735.
IC746 control Russ, KU4YJ http://www.knology.net/~ku4yj/KU4YJ.html
Freeware IC-746 control Its as simple as point and click. Left click will turn counter clockwise, and right click will turn clockwise. Set your comm Port and baud rate from the pull down menus before you click the POWER button. The POWER button doesnt actually turn the radio on or off, but it does start and stop the code. Make sure you radio is set to the same baud rate you choose. I have not implemented repeater or TSQL functions yet. If a button is active, the cursor will change in most cases to a cross. For the cases with an inner and outer knob, inner will be a cross and outer will be an up arrow. Since Icom didnt allow software control for every feature, not all buttons or knobs are active. The CALL button is a bit weird since there is no direct software command. I anticipate tweaking how that guy works.
YPLog Tony, VE6YP www.qsl.net/ve6yp
Shareware (Eval. version available) YPlog for WIN95/98/ME/NT/2K is a ham radio logging and radio control program. The control panel works with all Icom, Kenwood, some Yaesu and Ten-Tec radios. If no compatible radio is available, the logging features may be used without a radio connected. Extensive contesting features are included for many international contests.
CI-V Commander Dave, AA6YQ http://www.qsl.net/civ_commander/
Freeware CI-V Commander allows you to control your Icom radio from a PC running Windows 95, 98, or NT. A direct descendent of CI-V Explorer, this program retains it's predecessor's diagnostic capabilities. CI-V Commander is free, and contains no advertising; commercial use is expressly forbidden.
S-Meter Lite Greg, W8WWV www.seed-solutions.com/gregordy/Software/SMeterLite.htm
Freeware S-Meter Lite is a no-cost program that displays your receiver's S Meter signal strength in a window. The signal is averaged and can be shown over a period of time.
IC706_BKT Mauro, IZ2BKT http://www.qsl.net/iz2bkt/page6en.htm
Freeware IC706_BKT Icom 706 Control : Program for the management by PC across the CI-V connection of the transceiver ICOM IC706,IC706MK2, IC706MK2/ G, beyond to the normal functions allows to manage the split, the memories, the scanner and other.
Cat756 Art, K5YEF www.k5yef.com/IC756/ic756.html
Freeware (shareware version available) CAT756 is a innovative way to control your IC-756
IC706MM G4FEV www.wallows95.freeserve.co.uk/
Freeware IC706 Memory Manager allows you to build as many ASCII text file's as you wish and load these to the IC706. Loading all 99 memory locations and P1/P2 scan limits takes Approximately 1 minute. Memory SKIP feature that will prevent IC706MM from overwriting 1 or more of your favorite memory locations.
MacIcomControl BlackCatSystems www.blackcatsystems.com/software/macicom.html
Shareware MacIcomControl allows your Mac to communicate with and control an Icom radio. You need a radio with a CI-V interface port. You can set the frequency and mode, and store memories. In addition, MacIcomControl is a RigTalk handler application, which means other applications (such as logging programs) can use MacIcomControl to talk to your radio(s).
RadioComm Paul Lutus http://www.arachnoid.com/radiocomm/index.html
CareWare RadioComm is an Icom transceiver/receiver controller program.
RadioComm can be used to program your Icom radio's memory, or to create nice radio-frequency spectra or to interface your radio to a huge database of frequencies.
RadioComm knows about many Icom radios, and controls the radio or is controlled by it, depending on your wishes. It provides several convenient ways to program your radio's memory from any computer database you care to create or download. Basically, RadioComm connects your radio to the full data resources of the internet.
Oh, I almost forgot the other good news. RadioComm is CareWare -- that means no money, now or ever. You just have to care.
IcomControl Paul Lutus http://www.arachnoid.com/icomcontrol/index.html
CareWare - IcomControl is a radio controller designed for the Icom PCR1000.
- IcomControl is designed to be very easy to use.
- IcomControl has 400 easy-to-use memory locations.
- IcomControl uses plain-text data files, so importing and exporting data is easy also.
- IcomControl has advanced frequency programming and scanning features.
Oh, I almost forgot the other good news. IcomControl is CareWare -- that means no money, now or ever. You just have to care.
EasyTuner Paul Lutus http://www.arachnoid.com/easytuner/index.html
CareWare A spreadsheet can be used as a simple database, perfect for storing large numbers of frequencies. You can type in frequencies, you can even calculate them using formulas. You can create pages of frequencies for special purposes. You can choose separate receive and transmit frequencies if your radio is a transceiver, and you can automate this process as well.
Works with all Kenwood and Icom receivers and transceivers that are computer- controllable. Sets receiver and transmitter frequency and mode. Saves all your entries between uses (if you press "Save"). Allows you to organize frequencies by category. Automatic computation of repeater input frequencies. Change frequencies just by pointing your mouse or using the arrow keys.
Oh, I almost forgot the other good news. EasyTuner is CareWare -- that means no money, now or ever. You just have to care.
IRC N9ZLE http://n9zle.tripod.com/
registered and unregistered versions
IRC is a Radio control program for Icom radios using the CIV CT-17 or compatible interface. This program allows the use of different skins to display just about any radio from the IC746 to a secret agent watch. The program uses the new features available with the IC-706,746 and 756 to upload or save memories from your rig. Average time to upload or save 99 memories two scan edges and a call frequency is about 6.5 seconds. This software is new on the market and only has about 20 faithfull users. You can download an unregistered version at this site and begin using it now. To get a registration key contact n9zle@hotmail.com.
CI-V OCX for IC756Pro K4HW www.autocutresearch.com/k4hw
Commercial Software OCX IC756Pro is an OCX control for VBA, can be used in any software that accepts OCX (like VB, Excel, Word etc.). Note: This is not a stand-alone program, some programming in Visual Basic is required. Makes it very flexible though...
RadioCom 5.0 Bonito www.bonito.net/bonito/gbindex.htm
Commercial Software RadioCom 5.0 features DSP-Filter decoding with a Computer. RTTY-, CW-, PSK-, Fax-, Satfax-, Synop-, SSTV- Decoder Radio-Control for more than 80 Receivers and Transceivers AudioRecoder, 3D Scanner, Equalizer, SatTracking, AudioAnalyser Scopes and Frequency-Analyser Time-Frequency-Management
ScanCat Computer Aided Technologies www.scancat.com/
Commercial Software Scancat is an "All in One" computer program to take control of your Police Scanner or Shortwave Receiver. Scancat supports all radios, within one program.
Deltacomm (tm) Delta Research www.rfsignals.com/
Commercial Software Delta Research introduces DELTACOMM, a state-of-the-art communication manager for your ICOM communication receiver. With speed as a design goal, DELTACOMM's optimized spectrum log function can sweep a frequency spectrum at speeds in excess of 2400 channels/minute, generate a histogram and log frequency/activity to disk. No longer will those short transmissions be missed!
RadioMax Data Delivery Devices www.datadeliverydevices.com/
Commercial Software RadioMax by Future Scanning Systems allows automated PC control of Icom, OptoElectronics, AOR, Radio Shack, Uniden and other receivers / scanners.
ScannerWear ? www.radioscan.com
Commercial Software Products for the Commerical, Amateur Radio and Scanner Enthusiast markets.
shoc RSM Shoc www.shoc.ch
Commercial Software shoc RSM , is a database and computer supported receiver, transceiver and decoder control program.
The Hamlib project various http://hamlib.sourceforge.net/
GNU freeware The hamlib project is no software intended for end user control of rigs, but a project to provide a standardized interface to control any rig. A end user software would then use this interface to control whatever radio. Very interesting stuff, and if you are writing software for radio control, give it a try.

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