Hildesheimer Volkshochschule e.V.

Kurs 2661H "Astronomie"

participating in the 'ASTRONOMY ON-LINE' project.

The programme is a collaboration between the European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE) and the European Southern Observatory (ESO). It is sponsored by the European Union (EU) via the European Commission (EC) through its Directorates XII (Science and Technology) and XXII (Education) and will take place in conjunction with the 4th European Week for Scientific and Technological Culture in November 1996.

Seven members of the group and the group leader have choosen to present the whole group in the Astronomy On-Line project and registered on 17. October 1996. The work done by the group will be presented here.

Group description: The Astronomy group of the Hildesheimer Volkshochschule e.V. meets from October to December once a week and has 17 members, some of them choose to participate in the AOL program. We are working on a beginner level and look forward to the 'Try your Skills' area in the marketplace. The third phase of AOL will be sponsored by the local University of Hildesheim. Other, previous work will be handled by the group leader.
The instrumentation ranges from 50 mm refractors to 20 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.

The group leader maintains a web-page with some brief biographies on Astronomers and persons connected to this fascinating science.

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