ex Red Hill Observatory

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This observatory is History.

It was a small, privately owned station at 52° 03' 13" northern latitude and 09° 54' 39" eastern longitude, elevation 196 meter. An 8" (20 cm) Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope is the main instrument, permanently installed under a 6 ft. (2 Meter) dome.

The book 'Small Astronomical Observatories', edited by Patrick Moore, contains among 24 other interesting articles a brief description and a photograph of my place. The book is one of currently four titles in the 'Practical Astronomy' series and should be available from any good bookshop. It is published by Springer Verlag London, ISBN 3-540-19913-6

I am a member of the local Astronomical Association, the 'Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hildesheimer Amateurastronomen', and was. for a while, member of the NLO Society, located in Devon, United Kingdom.

My main interests beside visual and photographic observations is the history of Astronomy. During those quite common cloudy nights I write the thumbnail biographies you find in this document. Any comments and suggestions are very welcome via e-mail

In October 2004 my life was radically changed by other persons, following that I gave up the site, the house and my interest in Astronomy and turned to motorcyles.