d'Arrest, Heinrich Louis (1822 - 1875)
Heinrich Louis d'Arrest was born in Berlin on the 13. July 1822 (1823 ?)20. He studied Mathematics and Astronomy from 1839 on in Berlin. After an appointment as assistant observer in Berlin he went to Leipzig as observer at the local Observatory and was Professor from 1852 on at the University there. His father-in-law was A. F. Moebius (1790 - 1868). In 1857 d'Arrest went to Copenhagen as Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Observatory.

d'Arrest found several comets, the one of 1851 with a period of 6.6 years bears his name. One work he published was on the Asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, another work titled 'Siderum nebulosorum observationes Hafniensis' contained 1942 nebula, 340 described for the first time.

He died in Copenhagen on the 14. June 1875.

Dictionary of Scientific Biography, Vol. 1 (1980), p. 295

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