Albrecht, Carl Theodor (1843 - 1915)
Carl Theodor Albrecht was born on the 30. August 1843 in Dresden. He studied at the polytechnic school in Dresden and later Astronomy in Berlin and Leipzig.

Since 1866 he was assistant and from 1873 on head of the astronomical department at the Prussian Geodetic Institute in Potsdam. One of his main works was on the longitude determination employing a telegraph. With this work (83 pages) he received his doctorate in Leipzig in 1869. Later works include experiments on the speed of electricity in wires and various observations on planets and comets.

In 1873 he published positional data and proper motions on 39 stars close to the northern celestial pole and a discussion on the relation of the Fundamentalkatalog and Tafford's catalog (1879). Since 1875 Albrecht was Professor and from 1895 on head of the international office of latitudes (Internationaler Breitendienst).

He died on the 31. August 1915 in Potsdam.

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