Airy, George Biddell (1801 - 1892)
George Biddel Airy was born in Alnwick, Northumberland on the 27 July 1801. He was Professor (Plumian Prof.) of Astronomy and Physics at the University of Cambridge and from 1835 on the seventh Astronomer Royal and director of the Greenwich Observatory. From this post he retired in 1881. In 1851 he installed a transit telescope, the meridian on which it stands defines 0° longitude on Earth.

For observations of the solar eclipses of 1842, 1851 and 1860 he traveled to the continent. A list of some of his published papers is found in Pogg. His book 'Popular physical Astronomy' was translated to German by Littrow.

G. B. Airy died in London on the 4 January 1892. A Moon and a martian crater is named to honor Airy.

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