Ahnert, Oswald Paul (1897 - 1989)
P. Ahnert was born in Chemnitz on the 22 November 1897. He teached as an elementary school teacher from 1919 until 1933, when the Nazi regime removed him from his post. Then Cuno Hoffmeister invited him to the observatory Sonneberg where he worked as calculator (1938), as assistant (1948) and as assistant observer (1951). His first publication in the 'Astronomische Nachrichten' on long period variables was in 1923 (AN 219 (1923), p. 165-70), when he observed from his private observatory.

His name became well known in Germany when he started to edit the 'Kalender für Sternfreunde', an annual calendar of astronomical events. The first volume was printed in 1949 by Verlag "Werden und Wachsen", Weimar. P. Ahnert edited it over 40 years until he retired from this task, aged 90, and passed the work on to younger hands.

Paul Ahnert died on the 27 February 1989. Minor Planet (3181) Ahnert is named in his honor.

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