Ahnert, Eva, née Rohlfs (1912 - 1954)
E. Ahnert was born in Coburg on the 11 August 1912 and studied in Würzburg, Munich and Kiel between 1931-33. From 1942 on she studied in Göttingen and worked from 1945 on as assistant at the observatory Sonneberg. In 1951 she received a Dr. rer. nat. from the University of Jena, where she worked with C. Hoffmeister.

In Sonneberg she met Paul Ahnert and they got married. On the 9 March 1954 Eva Ahnert died in Sonneberg.

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Not available or not referenced:
C. Hoffmeister in: Sterne 30 (1954), p. 103-05 (Obituary incl. picture)

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