Adelbulner, Michael (1702 - 1779)
Michael Adelbulner was born on the 3 February 1702 in Nürnberg. After learning the art of printing he studied mathematics and medicin for several years, received doctorates in medicine and philosophy, and worked as physicist in his home town from 1738 on. Adelbulner was Professor of mathematics and physics at the University of Altorf from 1743 on and since 1766 Professor of logic.

Based on a suggestion of the Swedish astronomer Celsius, who visited Nürnberg in 1733, Adelbulner began to publish, together with A. Nikolaus, a series of astronomical papers, titled 'Commercium literarium, ad astronomiae incrementum inter huius scientiae amatores communi consilio institutum'. Doppelmayr, who had a similar idea earlier and had joined Celsius and Adelbulner in their discussion, was unable to take part in the publication because he had other work to do. Between 1735 and 1740 34 issues were printed, then the project ended 2. Later he published a calendar (1744) and some papers about eclipses and occultations of stars by the Moon as well as a work about thermometers and barometers (Nürnberg 1768). M. Adelbulner died in Altorf on the 21 2 (19 ?) July 1779.

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