Adams, John Couch (1819 - 1892)
J.C. Adams is the brother of W.G. Adams and was born on the 5. June 1819 in Laneast near Launceston, Cornwall. He was fellow of the Pembroke College in Cambridge, Member of the Royal Society, President of the Royal Astronomical Society and Director of the observatory in Cambridge. He published several papers, including one on the irregularities in the motion of Uranus, from which he predicted (in 1846) the existence of another planet. This planet was found by J. G. Galle in 1846, based on independent calculations by U.J.J. LeVerrier. Adams had sent his calculations to Airy. Adams also observed and calculated the orbit of comet 1864 I and the orbital elements of the Leonid meteor swarm.

J. C. Adams died on the 22. January 1892 in London. A Moon and a martian crater is named Adams in his honor as well as minor planet (1996) Adams. In addition, the outermost ring of planet Neptune is named 'Adams Ring'.

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