Adams, George (1750 - 1795)
George Adams was born in Southampton in 1750 and worked, like his father, as an optician in London. It is said that his optical and mathematical instruments were of great precision, he was appointed to the Prince of Wales as a Royal Instrument Maker and Optician. King George III. awarded him an annual sum of moneyand Adams teached several others in the art of instrument making.

G. Adams wrote several papers: his "Essay on Vision" (London, 1789) was much apprechiated as were his "Astronomical and geographical essays", published in London 1789 and 1798, including 22 copper plates. Other works were "Essay on electricity with an essay on magnetism" (London, 1784), "Essay on the Microscope" (London, 1787, reprinted 1798, edited by Kanmacher).

In 1789 he published astronomical and geographical essays. He died in London or Southampton2 on the 14 August 1795.

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