Abetti, Giorgio (1882 - 1982)
Giorgio Abetti was born on the 5. October 1882 in Padova, Italy. He is the son of Antonio Abetti.

G.. Abetti was assistant astronomer at the observatory of the Collegio Romano in Rome, Italy. In 1921, almost at the age of forty, Giorgio Abetti succeeded to his father in the direction of the astrophysical observatory at Arcetri and he kept the job until 1953. Between 1921 and 1957 he was Professor at the University of Florence and led the expeditions for solar eclipse observations in 1936 to Siberia and in 1952 to Sudan. In the years 1948-49 he was visiting Professor at the University of Cairo and in 1950 in the US. Beside other honors he received the 'Medaglia d'argento' from the Italian Geographic Society (1915), the 'Premio reale' from the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (Rome, 1925) and in 1937 the Janssen medal. He was vice president of the International Astronomical Union . An obituary was published in Sky & Telescope 65 (1983), p. 27- and a list of his works is found in Pogg. VIII, p. 5-6.

Giorgio Abetti died in Florence on the 24. August 1982. A Moon crater is named for him and his father. Also minor planet (2646) Abetti is named in their honor.

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