Abbot, Charles Greely (1872 - 1973)
Charles Greely Abbot was born on the 31. May 1872 in Wilton, New Hampshire.

In Boston he studied at the MIT between 1890 and 1894. Abbot was assistant astronomer and from 1907 on acting director of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, from 1928 on he served as secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. He received an D.Sc. in 1914 at Melbourne and a LL.D. (doctor of law) in 1933 at Toronto. Together with S. P. Langley, who invented the Bolometer, he worked on a map of the infrared solar spectrum. In connection with this work he made suggestions on the design of the 63-foot vertical telescope on Mt. Wilson.

A lot of his published books show his interest in popularizing the knowledge on astronomy. Examples are: Everyday Mysteries (1923); The Earth and the Stars (1925, rev. 1946). A good list of his work is in Pogg. Vol. 6, part 1 (1936), p. 1.

A Moon crater is named to honor him.

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