Abbo [Albo, Abbon, Albon (de Fleury, Floriacensis)] (ca. 945 - 1004)
Abbo was born near Orleans, France, and educated in the Abbey at Saint-Benoit-sur Loire, then Fleury. It is located about 35 km south-east of Orleans. In the year 985 Bishop Oswald of York asked him to come to England to improve on the educational system there. Abbo stayed for two years and returned to Fleury. In 1004 he went to La Reole, near Bordeaux, to reestablish order at an Abbey that belonged to that in Fleury. In this process Abbo was killed by a local who run a lance into his body.

Abbo was the teacher of Gebert who later became Pope Sylvester II.

Beside some other papers, including a description of the Normannic siege of Paris, Abbo wrote a work about astronomy, "Liber de motibus stellarum", which was not printed. Some of the papers may be at the Vatican library and in Paris.

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