1984, NY
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New York


My diary entry for Friday, June 15th: sitting at the top of the town!. My girl friend Tina and I were lucky since the weather was marvelous: bright blue sky and a view way down to the horizon at an almost unbelievable distance. The World Trade Center treated me well, I had been there twice so far and had good weather on both occasions.

This year I took the Staten Island Ferry round trip and made at least 11 photos of the skyline as it is seen from almost due south of Manhattan, using various lenses. My thoughts went back to the immigrants coming to this town from the ‚old world‘ to seek a new, more prosperous living. How must they have felt, waiting at Ellis Island with the promised land in sight, after weeks living in cramped quarters below the deck of a steam or sailing vessel. The Statue of Liberty was encased in scaffolding for repair and reconstruction.

We spent the following week driving around in a hired car, visiting friends deep in the forests of Vermont and enjoying the comfort of a small hotel on Cape Cod with its pool.