1982, NY, Toronto
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Mothers Day in Merrick

Ulla & George K.

Alex, Ulla, Chris & Amber

George, Alex, Ulla, Chris & Doris

View from Rockefeller Plaza

From the Helicopter

Fountain at WTC

Having a good time in Toronto

New York


The first visit I paid to this town was in May 1982. In the afternoon of the 8th my mother and I landed at J.F. Kennedy International, coming from Hamburg via Copenhagen. A friend picked us up and took us to his house in Merrick, Long Island.

On Monday, May 10th, we went to Manhattan an I had my first impression of this city from the Rockefeller Center, whichs observation platform was still open then (as far as I know it is closed since years now). The next day we booked a short helicopter ride to have a look at what one just can not see from street level: the jungle-like mass of tall buildings. In my diary I noted: ‚Flying around the Statue of Liberty the skyline reveals itself as it is often seen on pictures. If I come again and have sufficient time I like to take the Staten Island ferry to get the real impression.‘

Later that day we walked from Washington Square all the way down to the World Trade Center. Standing on the WTC Plaza with the over 25 feet tall bronze monument designed by the artist Fritz Koenig, the Twin Towers with their clear outer structure rose before us into the bright blue sky.

On entering the building a large (30 by 18 feet) carpet-like (tapestry?) piece of art decorated one wall, it was designed by Joan Miro. Having bought our tickets we were taken by a fast elevator up to level 107 where the observation level was. After walking around and looking down the 400 meter (and one was able to look almost straight down standing close to the windows) into the streets of lower Manhattan, we took another elevator up again to the open deck where we spent another hour just enjoying the view of 30 miles on this clear day: Brooklyn Bridge nearby, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and, of course, the view north with the prominent landmarks of the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and the Chrysler Building.

We spent the evening atop Rockefeller Center again, enjoying sunset and the view of the city, lighted by the myriad of lights in office buildings. Far away, in the south, the World Trade Center stood erect as a light house.

I spent the following weekend in Toronto, visiting a friend who had moved there from my home town. On Sunday I went on to Cleveland, Ohio, for a business meeting at the company I used to work for.