Kirch, Christfried

Christfried Kirch was born on 24th December 1694 as the son of the Astronomer und Calendarmaker Gottfried Kirch and his wife Maria Margarethe, nee Winkelmann, in Guben. He went to high school in Berlin from 1709 through 1712. 1714 he returned to Berlin from a visit to G. Ch. Emmert in Nuernberg. 1715 he accompanied his mother and his sister Christine for a visit in Danzig. There he tried to rebuild the Observatory of Hevel. After the death of J.H. Hoffmann in 1716, who was successor to Christfried's father as the Observatorys director, Ch. Kirch accepted the post. His objects of observations were star occultations, solar and lunar eclipses and the planets Jupiter and Saturn. Also the comet of 1723 was observed by him. His father's observations of the comet of 1699 were published by the son in 1737. With the work for the calendars, which were still a task for the director of the observatory, his mother and his sisters Christine and Margarethe helped.

Christfried Kirch died in Berlin on the 9th March 1740.

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